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Dorico, the brand new music notation application and scoring software for professionals from Steinberg. The next-generation standard scoring application for composers and musicians.

Dorico Introduction

Dorico Notation Software Dorico is a brand new application written from the ground up by the most experienced team of scoring software developers in the world. Dorico has many unique and innovative features not found in any other software, and presents a whole new way of working with music notation, but because it is brand new, it does not yet have every feature necessary for every kind of score.
Dorico will receive a number of updates in the coming months that will be free to existing users, adding new functionality. Some of the functionality that is planned to be added in these updates includes:
  • Chord symbols
  • Repeat ending (1st, 2nd time or volta) lines
  • Fingerings
  • Jazz articulations
  • Rhythm slashes
  • More flexible unpitched percussion notation
  • Improvements to playback and support for third-party virtual instruments

Input and editing
    ♪ Note input tools ♪ Alphabetic input ♪ Step input using a MIDI keyboard ♪ Mouse input ♪ Unprecedented freedom ♪ Copy and paste ♪ Options and Properties
    ♪ Accidentals and key signatures ♪ Articulations ♪ Barlines, brackets and braces ♪ Bar numbers ♪ Beams ♪ Clefs and octave lines ♪ Dynamics ♪ Grace notes ♪ Holds and pauses ♪ Instruments ♪ Lyrics ♪ Multi-bar rests ♪ Notes and noteheads ♪ Ornaments ♪ Playing techniques ♪ Rehearsal marks ♪ Rests ♪ Slurs ♪ Staves ♪ Text ♪ Time signature and meter ♪ Tremolos ♪ Tempo ♪ Ties ♪ Tuplets
Layout and formatting
    ♪ Layout types ♪ Page setup ♪ System layout ♪ Vertical spacing ♪ Page layout ♪ Graphics
Playback and audio
    ♪ Audio engine ♪ Included plug-ins ♪ Mixer ♪ Score interpretation ♪ Playback control
Import and export
    ♪ MusicXML ♪ Audio export ♪ Printing ♪ Graphics export
Workflow and utilities
    ♪ Windowing ♪ Localization ♪ Key commands
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